I am a queer heathen woman currently residing in Southern California, the land of my birth. This blog is primarily an act of devotion, dedicated to the Gods and Powers I serve. Being an academic sort of person, I do observe heathenry though an academic lens; however, I also follow the mystic path and so what I post here will also come from personal experience. I do believe in blending lore with communal and personal experience, because religion thrives through experiential processes, and it dies only to become “folklore” without it. We are shaped off the past and we feed off of it, but the only way to integrate a modern day religious life with the echos of our ancestors is the absolute IMPERATIVE to listen to them, hear their wisdom, follow their Wills, and in turn forge our own to serve Them. This includes our Gods, our eldest kin. I am a vehement anti-colonialist, and being white I feel it is my wergild (my obligation of repayment) to help rectify the horrors of colonialism upon the lands and peoples of the world. I do not tolerate racism or the other colonialist -isms, seeking to break our connections to Earth, Gods, and the spirits that are our birthright. As Earth creates diversity in Her arms, so are we-we humans are one of many of Her children and we reflect the basic diversity that all species possess. In our heathen tradition, not only are we humans children of Earth, but also of many other Gods such as Odin who participated in our creation. Those who follow the Gods ought to serve Them as a way to thank their efforts in our place in life, although we as mere mortals will never be able to fully repay them. However, we must attempt this because it is the nature of the universe to engage in reciprocity-joyful reciprocity. This blog is just one way I am engaging in that dance.