Uncle Loki of the Nebula

A few days ago I made a point of making offerings of water and honey whiskey to the Holy Powers, ancestors, and wights because the past several days before I’d been either a). enduring a bad headache/migraine deal, b).nauseous from said headache/migraine deal, and c). busy whenever I felt at least somewhat well. Actually, even for the past few weeks I’ve been a bit neglectful, since I tried out a new medication that left me feeling incredibly sleepy all the time… and really anxious and depressed! So I went off that. Unfortunately, it was supposed to help with migraines, so I’ll just have to hope the botox treatment I got last week for that will work.

Anyway, I decided to clean my shrines, light the candles on them, and go outside and pour honey whiskey to as many of the Powers who like the stuff. I got an impulse to pour out some for Loki after I when I thought I was done, knowing in the lore it says one should pour out a drink for Loki whenever Odin gets one. I’m sorry to say I had never done that before-oops! It’s not like I’m one of those heathens who hate Loki; on the contrary, I really respect Him and his place in the pantheon and cosmos. He had never really approached me before, however, and it seemed like no signs pointed towards me needing to work with Him. So I was a bit surprised by the impulse, and I went and poured out a shot for Him. I said something along the lines of “Hail Flame-Hair, He who tells the truth through lies, I honor you through this offering so that you may live.”

And boy, one thing I learned IMMEDIATELY about Loki is that when He’s honored, or even mentioned, it piques His interest very, very much. He’s very likely to show up.

He immediately came into my mind’s eye. I could tell He was pleased by the offering, but I could tell that it was only a small part of how He appeared to me. It was like he was bouncing all around me, and He was super chatty. He reminded me of going to a party and talking to the person who’s the center of attention and keeps talking, but in such a way that is nevertheless very warm and inclusive. He likes attention, but I really got the feeling that He also loves paying attention to those who invoke Him sincerely. He wants to return the favor.

As soon as He appeared, He started talking. He said something along the lines of “Why haven’t you paid attention to your great-great uncle Loki?” and He POUTED. Seriously. In jest, but still. Calling Himself as my uncle caught me a bit off-guard, as I have been wondering about my devotional relationship with Odin lately-many devotees feel that they are children of their God, or lovers, or friends-so perhaps from Loki’s statement, Odin’s my father. “I’ll let you do all the cool uncle things your dad won’t let you!” He said, and smirked. If I already didn’t know He was a Trickster, I’d certainly guess then!

Our conversation was so interesting in that He seems to be pretty attuned to pop culture, because he made points through songs. We somehow got into the subjects of love and lust, and we (I’m not sure who started it, really) started singing “What Is Love?” by Haddaway (again, I’m being dead serious), and when He sang “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more,” He remarked that’s what love is-the opposite of hurt. Loki’s been hurt so much in His life that he knows what pain is so intimately, and I think that’s how He connects to a lot of His followers. He knows torture, madness, betrayal, and grief. I’ve heard from Lokeans that He truly doesn’t want humans to suffer in the ways He has, so He works especially well with those with mental illnesses and those who have endured abuse. He said “Whenever you’ve been hurt, come to Me. I’m the deity to come to when you’ve been hurt.” He didn’t want to talk about His pain, but I could tell it was underneath the surface. I think that if we follow Him, and treat Him with respect, it eases His pain slightly. And so He does the same for us.

The Loki I encountered can be present anywhere. I could see Him popping out to chat even in the unlikeliest places, much like a cockroach can pop out pretty much darn near anywhere. The Loki I encountered is fun. The Loki I encountered is compassionate. Most of all, the Loki I encountered is loving. He really does love His followers, and cares for them. As the fighter of entropy and as a fire deity, Loki brings dynamism and love to the darkest places, even in His own dark places. I think Loki haters have never encountered the true Loki, or if they did, He showed up and they pushed Him away regardless. Chaos is scary, but necessary, and is a vital part of the universe. Interestingly, it brings up the questions of whether or not chaos is also joy and love. I wonder if those beautiful nebulas we see in pictures are actually singing and orgasming in the love of their creation. I saw a vision wherein Loki is embodied in these nebulas. They are beautiful creation out of fire, formed from the previous destruction of a star. We all know Loki’s role in Ragnarok. Yet, even Ragnarok brings renewal and new worlds, which is precisely what nebulas bring. They are the childlike wonders of new stars, babies, but also immensely old. Their components are as old as the universe itself, anyway. All things were created from everything else around; in fact, they are just transmuted. So while Loki embodies the pain and joy of destruction, He also embodies the pain and joy of creativity. All the same, He says. It is all joy and colors and riotous flame, an orgy of burgeoning life.

Hail Uncle Loki of the nebula! May He who brings life and flame bring them down to His people. May those who are hurt rush to You, and may You feed them!

Thank you Uncle Loki.


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