Frey Says “Slow Down!” And Other Musings of the Vanir

Frey is not a God I have a very close relationship with (of all the Vanir, I feel I’m closest to Nerthus), but I tend to His shrine on my bookcase quite often. I extraordinarily admire His gift of sacrifice, and I offer barley, wheat berries, or honey to Him once in a while when I have these on hand. After all, the lore teaches us that He is literally the body of the grain that we partake, whether it be in solid or liquid form (hail beer! Amirite?). This is such an intense lesson we need to learn: you are not alive unless something else dies for you. Plain and simple. There must be sacrifice for life to flourish. And our Lord Ingvi-Frey voluntarily sacrifices Himself so that we may live. I don’t know why He is sometimes underestimated. Any God who’s willing to get Their throat cut open, blood spilled, and walk the Hel Road each year so that we may live is a bad-ass to me. Yes, He’s a God of peace, but peace can have its terrifying aspects too.


He is very much a God of seeds. In his rune, Ingwaz, we see a seed, the grain that which grows the staff of life for so many of our ancestors. Some people also see the shape of bound sheaves of wheat after a harvest, which I feel is true as well. Some people see a vulva, which I could also see even though it is typically a rune associated with male sexuality. Others see a doorway, and I believe it can serve as a doorway to Frey and Vanaheim.

Ingwaz has been pretty prominent in my life lately in that I keep thinking about it constantly, and the idea of seeds and their wisdom is something my mind drifts to quite a bit. This was started by my relationship with Nerthus, who I believe is also Goddess of seeds, and She told me that Ingwaz was also one of Her runes. Even though I know many say that She is the mother of Frey, Her constant showing me of Ingwaz with a line drawn through it and up and becoming a stalk was a bit confusing to me. Then I learned that the Anglo-Saxon futhorc letter for Jera is Ger… and it resembles Ingwaz with a verticle line running through it! So I wasn’t delusional. This, along with the Elder Futhark Jera, is her rune, and so the bindrune of Ingwaz and a double-sided Fehu emerging vertically from it is Hers as well. It looks like grain emerging from its seed, and a prominent lesson of Nerthus’s is the mystery of soil, of growth from the fecund Earth. The double-sided Fehu also represents wealth, but in this bindrune it’s not necessarily currency-it’s the wealth of the Earth, the food that we grow lest we starve. It’s the grain, the grasses, and all the various seedlings we rely on. We’re certainly wealthy in many ways if the crops grow healthily to give us a good harvest, even for those of us who aren’t farmers! Most of us at least buy food from the store, which was originally grown somewhere and was at some point along its history a seed, a seed that was harvested.

So it is with Frey. He is a very patient sort of God, in my opinion, and He doesn’t have the same sort of frenetic energy that His sister or even Odin can have. He has His own Ecstasy, of course, but it’s not frenzy. He is gentle light, and fertile soil. He is like the plants he embodies. Even the fastest growing plants don’t move as fast as most animals can, and such is the wisdom of plants. They take their time. They don’t move out of their rooted spot. They harness the energies of fertility and reach towards the sky. Frey’s wisdom is a lot like this, I’ve personally found. YMMV, of course, but my impressions of him are a lot like the stereotypical Taurean energy-methodical, patient, slow but in a good way… just like the life cycle of plants. And, like Taurus, there’s a lot of fertility and sexual energy tied in with Him-I mean, look at His cock! Sexual organs create, and some of those things created we eat. Thus continues the cycle of life.

I was in front of my shrines recently, meditating and communing with the Gods, when I heard a gentle voice from within, and I knew it was Frey. He said something along the lines of “You’ve been stretching yourself so much, wanting to get everything done now. You shouldn’t. You need to slow down, see the journey unfold. Enjoy and savor the moments of the process. Be slow and gentle with yourself.” I’ve been stressed lately with lots of responsibilities and taking care of a lot of lives (human and non-human) on top of dealing with finding another job and cleaning an apartment that seems to never stay clean in a physical AND energetic sense. So, Frey was remarking on that I won’t feel at peace unless I go through the motions more mindfully and savor the slow process of growth. Such an approach will certainly reduce blood pressure! It seems like such simple wisdom, like maybe even a God wouldn’t bother to say such obvious things, but They do. The wisdom and mysteries of the Gods can be the most simple, and therefore the most profound. They can show up anytime and anywhere in your life, and their advice, support, and criticisms can be ample, lol. Frey, as an ever-abundant and fertile God, seems like a perfect candidate for profound and simple wisdom that nevertheless lies beneath all things. And that is why he is God of frith, prosperity, happiness, and abundance. Hail Frey!


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