Stones for the Gods

As a sort of follow-up to my post on stones representing the Nine Worlds, I also feel like the Gods also have affinities to certain stones. While this is not traditional at all (besides Freya having a strong association with amber and Frey to gold), and I would suspect it’s a very modern practice, the Gods have not indicated that they are opposed to this, and in fact I’ve had a few besides Freya and Frey who enthusiastically announced that they liked certain stones when asked. I know some of these listed here aren’t technically stones, such as gold or sea glass, but for the sake of simplicity I’m still going to include them on this list.

Odin-Kyanite, sodalite, sapphire, clear quartz, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, onyx

Frigga-Celestite, blue beryl, turquoise

Freya-Amber, tiger’s eye, emerald, gold, peridot, topaz, citrine, rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst, kunzite, garnet, morganite, pink diamond

Frey-Gold, amber

Nerthus-Smoky quartz, moss agate, aventurine, jade, green quartz, emerald, peridot, jet

Njord-Aquamarine, gold, turquoise, sea glass, iolite

Hela-Jet, snowflake obsidian, onyx, mangasite

Thor-Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, ruby, sapphire, garnet, copper, iron, steel

Jord/Erda-All stones, but especially macrocrystalline ones such as granite. Green and brown gems are also good. I could see her associated with smoky quartz

Sunna-Gold, amber, citrine, topaz, ruby, garnet, carnelian, iolite

Mani-Moonstone, beryl, opal, selenite, labradorite, iolite, silver, clear quartz

Aegir/Ran/Nine daughter-Aquamarine, turquoise, sea glass, jade, green kyanite

Skadi-Clear quartz, herkimer diamond, opal, white diamond

Ullr-Clear quartz, amber, herkimer diamond

Loki-Fire opal, ruby, carnelian

Sigyn-Kunzite, aquamarine, rose quartz, morganite

Angrboda-Bloodstone, jasper, granite, onyx

Surt-Obsidian, ruby, citrine, fire opal

Tyr-Ruby, garnet, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz, steel

Heimdall-Rainbow quartz, opal, celestite, clear quartz

Frau Holda-Clear quartz, smoky quartz, jet

Gullveig/Heide-Gold, ruby, fire opal, amethyst

Obviously this list is ongoing, and I’m sure I’ll add and subtract examples as time goes on. Some of these deities I have not worked with personally all that much, so their entries are more along the lines of educated guesses and intuition versus being directly Told. You’ll notice a theme that the stones generally correspond to a deity’s associated colors, such as blue kyanite and sodalite for Odin who absolutely loves blue. Some reflect on a deity’s various aspects, like the ones in Freya’s entry. Amber will cover all of Her aspects, I feel, as it is Her favorite. More specifically, emerald and peridot cover her fertility aspect, tiger’s eye for both fertility and wealth/self-worth, gold, topaz, carnelian and citrine for self-worth, wealth, and vitality, rose quartz, kunzite, morganite, pink diamond, and kunzite for love, amethyst and kunzite for Her seidhkona aspect, and garnet for Her warrior aspect. All of these stones are beautiful, so I suppose all of them could cover Her domain as Goddess of beauty (especially amber, gold, rose quartz, and pink diamond).

Some stones overlap, such as quartz. Being the most common mineral on Earth, I’m not surprised! Quartz comes in a variety of colors, and so you can usually find some in a color of your deity’s choice. Some varieties of quartz have their own name, such as amethyst (technically a purple quartz). You’ll notice I list clear quartz as the most mentioned in the above list, possibly because in our culture we regard white as the most neutral and pure color possible, but also because white is the combination of all colors on the visible light spectrum. Therefore, it can be seen to encompass numerous aspects of deity. I think it also covers Gods of frost jotun and Aesir descent nicely as well.. which includes many in our tradition!


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