Jord and Grounding

I’ve been trying to get better at grounding and centering, which only comes with practice, practice, and more practice. Grounding and centering is an integral part of magical practice, and necessary to refine your skills at seidh and journeying. While not exactly verified as “traditional” in Heathenry, it’s commonly recommended in modern Western magical tradition to master. And, hey, if it helps, I’m going to use it. And indeed, it does help. It at the very least has helped my stress levels and well-being. It’s also helped to become a bridge to interact with Jord, the Goddess of Earth personified. Also known as Erda and Erce, She is a jotun, the mother of Thor and consort of Odin. She is a mighty Goddess-after all, look how huge and powerful our planet is-and She is mother to us all. All humans are her children, as well as all living beings who live upon this Earth. We literally live on the back of a Goddess, and so utmost respect is warranted by living in our physical incarnation as we walk on Her. When I learned about grounding and centering, I was slightly concerned about the claim that as you ground into the Earth and send down negative, frazzled energy that it was not respecting Jord. The claim is that the Earth, meaning a Goddess, will recycle any jangled energy you have for Her own uses. Then, after you send down energy, you are supposed to bring up energy from the Earth if you feel that you should (especially in preparation for a magical working, where your own energy may not be enough or too risky to expend). I was even more concerned by this, the idea of drawing up energy from Jord. Why should one have the right to draw energy from a deity when one has not asked for permission nor offered anything? Isn’t that the height of disrespect?

While of course one should have an appropriate relationship with Jord and live sustainably and lightly upon her skin, and offer to Her and her land wights regularly, but what resolved my conflict was when I realized that as living beings we are sustained by Her energy ans she governs recycling of our waste. While I’m primarily talking about physical energy and waste, I realized that She also takes care of our spiritual energy and waste and has the ability to recycle it as well. In fact, giving Her extra energy (even our jangled everyday energy) only helps Her to further sustain and create our fellow living beings because She will use all energy that is given. Like the laws of physics, where nothing is ever wholly created nor destroyed, the same thing with Jord. All energy and matter is recycled, and She will do the same with you. Without Her energy, we would not live on this planet. Physical life could not happen without Her energy sustaining us. We would all be dessicated husks at the very most. Energy in our lives is the deepest, most primal process in the universe… we’re all made of stardust, after all, and our planet was forged from the reactions of hydrogen, helium, and so many other processes we have not penetrated. The core of the Earth is an enormous hotbed of energy, and Jord’s power flows from this heat as well as the minerals and soil from Her skin, and the beings that grow upon Her. It is our birthright to be sustained, nourished, and healed by Her energy. It is also our birthright to give her our waste to be recycled (let is be biodegradable), and also to die upon Her body and thus give Her our energy and matter to be recycled. So, it is our birthright to receive Her spiritual energy too-while we give Her our spiritual energy.

Hail Jord. May we live lightly upon You. May we have the sense to honor You. May You have mercy upon us for disrespecting You and Your children. May we weep because we have polluted Your body, Your soil, Your waters, Your blood. May we repent. May we forever hail You!


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