Stones to Represent the Nine Worlds

I have a few craft projects rolling around in my head to do as devotional offerings to the Gods, and one involves in part keeping an eye out for stone beads to represent the nine worlds. I’m sure others have had thought of this too, and they may have more knowledge of stone lore to figure this out more, but here are my preliminary ideas:

Helheim- Onyx, jet, snowflake obsidian

Niflheim- Clear quartz, Herkimer diamond

Svartalfheim- Smoky quartz, tourmaline, jet, onyx, rutilated quartz

Muspellheim- red or orange citrine, ruby, obsidian

Jotunheim- bloodstone, jasper

Vanaheim- AMBER, emerald, aventurine, tiger’s eye, jade

Midgard- granite

Ljoassalfheim- Selenite, moonstone, opal

Asgard- Clear quartz, celestite, sapphire, kyanite, sodalite, turquoise

I’m sure I’ll come up with more, and edit in the process. Some are quite obvious, like amber for Vanaheim, which is what I will most likely pick although I associate emerald and tiger’s eye with Freya. Others are more difficult… I’m surprisingly having a hard time finding an option for Midgard, perhaps because all minerals that exist on this material plane are found here and therefore perhaps Midgard covers all of them. Granite seems like a good solid base though, as it is a common stone and it represents the grounding bedrock of this world. Svartalfheim is a bit difficult too; if I had the means then some lovely mined precious metal would work but I’m not exactly loaded right now. Plus, it would have to harmonize with the nature of both the duergar and the svartalfs, and that may be tricky to negotiate. You’ll notice I put both onyx and jet in Helheim and Svartalfheim as well. I feel both stones could represent them well, but I will not use the same stones to represent more than one world in the final project. I’ll have to research more kinds of stones, and I’m sure I will have to divine and consult denizens of these worlds to see which ones are approved. The Holy Powers may even suggest entirely different ones than those listed here. And then of course, once I have approval, and create this project (I’m feeling a little uncomfortable as to what it will be right now, but I may reveal it soon!), the fun will begin. Something representing the nine worlds can assist you in traveling to them, and even assist others traveling to you, so it’s not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

I won’t be finishing this project anytime soon, however. I will need more time and collateral to collect the materials. What I will be working on first are painting candle holders to represent various deities on my shrines, and finishing embroidering altar cloths. Yay! I’ll show you pictures once they are done. I’m incredibly excited to craft things dedicated to my Gods.


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